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Can someone order liquids with nicotine from your australian site?

Unfortunately you can't. Vapoureyes NZ is a completely separate entity from Vapoureyes Australia and you can't place orders on one site that will be fulfilled on the other site. More to the point, it's illegal for an Australian company or individual to sell or otherwise distribute nicotine within Australia, so even if we wanted to we couldn't do it. You can purchase your favourite hardware, 0mg juice and doublers from Vapoureyes Australia.

Why did you open up in nz?

Because of the backwards, anti-science mentality of the Australian government and anti-vaping organisations like the Cancer Council. Their refusal to approach the subject of vaping with honesty, integrity, and a desire to reduce harm means that vaping in Australia is far more difficult and far more dangerous than it has to be.

People who want to switch to vaping have to order raw nicotine from shady foreign websites, often in concentrations that are dangerous to handle, and are expected to know how to safely mix their juice despite having never done it before.

That situation is completely unacceptable. It's not safe, it's not fair, and we want to do something about it.

Vapoureyes NZ is intended to be the best way to introduce new Australian vapers to the community, to supply them with the liquid flavours they want with nicotine already added so they don't have to mess around with syringes or perform calculations or risk poisoning themselves with raw nicotine.

Instead, we'll ship their flavours and a starter kit directly to their door so they can put the kit together, pour in some juice straight from the bottle, and start vaping without having to wonder if they did everything correctly.

Over time, we also aim to introduce a bunch of vaping guides that explain the concepts behind vaping and how to safely use various devices.

Our major goal here is to fundamentally change the way that vaping works in Australia without having to wait for the government to wake up and smell the roasted strawberry.

Will my Vapoureyes Australia account work on Vapoureyes NZ?

Vapoureyes NZ and Vapoureyes Australia are separate companies with separate Shopify stores, so your account won't carry over. You don't need to create an account to place an order with us, although you're welcome to do so.

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Vapoureyes Australia Karma Points stays attached to your Australian account.

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Age REstrictions

You must be age 18+ to order from us in NZ and Australia. International orders, you must be of legal age to buy vaping products in your country. Check out our terms of service.

WAYS TO PAY + shipping charges

We accept Visa and Mastercard.


Shipping charges are calculated at checkout. Spend more than $50 and get free standard shipping within New Zealand and Australia. Spend more than $150 and get free express shipping to Australia. *Check out our shipping information page.

How much can I order?

As much as you like, there are no limits except for Fanboy which is restricted to one bottle per order. Hey, it's $3 NZD a bottle and we lose money on every one we sell, don't be like this guy. Please keep in mind that orders over $1000 AUD are potentially subject to extra scrutiny at the border or additional duties if importing into Australia.

Where are you located?

Our production facility is in the beautiful town of Hastings, situated in Hawke's Bay on the eastern coast of New Zealand's North Island. Vapoureyes NZ is a fully registered New Zealand business, and although we share the same name as our Australian sister company, we're a completely separate legal entity that employs staff in New Zealand and is entirely operated within New Zealand.

All Vapoureyes NZ products are shipped directly from our production facility in New Zealand, we don't keep any intermediary stock in Australia whatsoever.

We've created a world-class e-liquid production facility, including a custom-built ISO-7 certified clean room, so that we can safely and reliably mix, pick, pack and ship all your favourite Vapoureyes liquids with nicotine to every vaper in Australia.

Our ISO-7 certified clean room utilises the highest HEPA filter class, H14, which filters 99.995% of particles in a laminar flow configuration. Access to the clean room is restricted via a pressurised airlock, all entries and exits are monitored and logged, and we follow a set of strict safety and hygiene rules to ensure that every bottle we produce is of the highest quality possible. We know you expect nothing less.

best way to store your nicotine products

Nicotine Concentrate (100mls): in your home freezer.
E-Liquids: in your home fridge, sit out for a few hours to warm up to room temperature and shake the bottle vigorously before using.

Australian Orders - FAQs

regulations on importing nicotine into australia

As of October 1st, 2021, regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing, and Australian vapers will be required to have a valid medical prescription to legally access nicotine e-Liquids.

Technically, on the state level, most Australian vapers have alwaysrequired a prescription to import and possess nicotine. From October 1, the Australian government is simply formalising this requirement on a national level.

This change is following a reclassification from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) making nicotine e-liquids a Schedule 4 (prescription only) substance late last year.


You can use online services such as QuitRX.com.au,ChronicDoctors.com.au, QuitClinics.com,TheNicotineClinic.comor MyNicotine.com.au to help vapers and those transitioning from smoking to access valid prescriptions for their nicotine needs and maintain their harm reduction strategy.

More information about the Australian Government | Department of Health: Personal Importation Scheme.

Alternatively, ATHRAhas created a handy list of other Australian doctors who can possibly assist you with a nicotine prescription.


We will be running business as usual, and will dispatch all orders (whether a prescription is uploaded or not) as normal, at the customers own risk. Please be aware of your national legal requirements.

Prescriptions cannot be backdated and can only be dated from the date of consultation. We recommend getting a prescription as soon as possible to make sure you are covered.

A worst case scenario may be that incoming vape packages will be held by custom officers in Australia, who will then contact you to provide a valid prescription (under the personal importation scheme) for your parcel to be released. If you do not have a valid prescription you may be open to your parcel being destroyed and/or penalties under Australian law, buyer beware.

More information from the TGA.


At this stage we are not setting any limits on purchase quantities. Please keep in mind that orders over $1000 AUD are potentially subject to extra scrutiny at the border - as such, if you require more than $1000 AUD worth of products, we recommending spacing multiple, smaller orders over a few weeks.


According to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration you will only be able to order a three months supply of your prescribed nicotine, with dosage outlined in your doctor's prescription.

Vapoureyes does not enforce these limits / order quantities.

steps involved in legal access to nicotine in australia

The flow chart below illustrates the steps involved in legal access to nicotine in Australia.


Prescriptions can be uploaded on the checkout page. Due to order volumes we cannot add a prescription after the order has been placed.



Vapoureyes will continue to fulfil all orders - the onus is on you to ensure that you hold a valid prescription.

Yes, Australians are legally required to have a prescription in order to receive nicotine by mail.

No,you are not legally required to send us a copy of your prescription.

It’s possible the ABF will intercept your package and ask you to provide proof for your prescription.

It’s possibleyou will be fined if it’s found that you do not have a valid prescription - so make sure you go and get one before placing your order!

While seizure is unlikely, Vapoureyes cannot reimburse you for any seized shipments nor be liable for any fines levied by any authority - the onus is on you to ensure that you are compliant with any and all laws.

Are your products tgo110 compliant?

TGO 110 requirement

Products supplied in Australia (including products imported for supply in Australia) *

Products imported via Personal Importation Scheme

Products sold by Vapoureyes New Zealand

Labelling requirements (information to be provided on container, primary pack or in information sheet)

Ingredient list




Nicotine concentration (mg/mL)



Warning statements



US/NZ/EU Equivalent

Packaging requirements

Child-resistant packaging



Ingredient requirements

Nicotine (base and/or salt form(s)) the only active ingredient




Nicotine concentration/ content within 90 – 110% of what (if anything) is stated on the label




Nicotine (or equivalent base form) concentration ≤ 100 mg/mL




No prohibited ingredients added to product




Record-keeping obligations for Australian sponsors

Maintain records demonstrating conformance with TGO 110





All e-liquid products sold by Vapoureyes New ZealandexceedTGO110 requirements for unregistered nicotine vaping products imported by Australian consumers under the Personal Importation Scheme.

Requirements that apply

Nicotine vaping products that are imported via the Personal Importation Scheme must meet the Ingredients requirements in TGO 110, namely:

  • the prohibitions on products containing active ingredients other than nicotine and specified substances with known health risks associated with inhalation being added as ingredients to these products
  • the 100 mg/mL limit on the nicotine base form concentration (for nicotine base products) or equivalent base form concentration (for nicotine salt products), and
  • the requirement for nicotine (base form, salt form and/or equivalent base form) concentration or content to be within +/- 10% of that stated on the label or in any information sheet provided with the product. As outlined below, the TGO 110 labelling requirements (including the nicotine concentration labelling requirements) do not apply to products imported via the Personal Importation Scheme. However, because this is an ingredient requirement (not a labelling requirement), it will still apply to products imported via the Personal Importation Scheme if they are labelled with, or come with an information sheet that includes, a statement of nicotine (base form, salt form and/or equivalent base form) concentration or content.

Australian Border Force officials can stop an import at the Australian border if they suspect it is an unlawful import.

Requirements that donotapply, but every product sold by Vapoureyes NZ features:

  • Ingredients lists
  • Nicotine Concentration (mg/mL)
  • NZ/EU/USA equivalent warning statements
  • Child-resistant packaging

This page provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice.

Vapoureyes NZ proudly supports Nourished For Nil, a local non-profit organisation whose sole aim it is to rescue surplus food and redistribute it to the local Hawke’s Bay community.

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