Shipping Info

Vapoureyes NZ is a New Zealand company, and all of our products are mixed, picked, packed and shipped from our 9,000 square foot production and distribution facility in sunny Hawke's Bay, on the eastern coast of New Zealand's North Island.

Please choose your shipping option carefully!


 DHL Express (highly recommended)
  • It's fast, super fast. Usually overnight fast.
    • You can order before 9am our time, we ship it by 2pm, and DHL will very possibly deliver it to you the next business day, fast. (certain regions, check the table below)
  • We prioritise DHL shipments in order to get them out the door by 2pm.
  • It's only $18 NZD (~$16 AUD), which is super cheap for a flat rate, EXPRESS international courier service. (DHL from Asia/USA/UK costs $40 AUD or more!)
    • DHL have a dedicated customs team to help clear your shipment, again, super fast. No worries.
    • No remote delivery charges (All Vapoureyes shipping rates are flat rate, no extra charges)
    • Can delivery to PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers, no problem.
    • FREE on shipments over 2kg
    • FREE on orders over $150
    • Nothing. Seriously, DHL is amazing.

     Standard Post / Free Shipping

    • It's free on orders over $50. $Zilch. $Zip.
    • It is the customer's responsibility to communicate with their national carrier (usually Australia Post)
    • We can't re-direct or change/correct address details once sent.
    • We can't speed up the customs clearance process.
    • It can be fast, or it can be slow, depending on how Aus Post and Australian Customs are feeling.
    • Delivery can take 4-10 business days, give or take a couple days for customs clearance occasionally. (Average total delivery time is 5 business days)
    • We can't see any more than the tracking we provide.
    • Not available on shipments over 2kg (we use DHL on these larger shipments)


    Estimated delivery times (in business days - weekends and public holidays not counted):

    DHL Standard Shipping*
    Adelaide Overnight - 2 4 - 7
    Alice Springs 2 - 4 4 - 8
    Ballarat Overnight  - 2 4 - 6
    Brisbane Overnight  - 2 4 - 8
    Cairns 2 - 4 4 - 8
    Canberra Overnight  - 2 4 - 8
    Darwin 2 - 4 4 - 8
    Melbourne Overnight  - 2 3 - 7
    Perth CBD 2 - 4 4 - 8
    WA Regional 3 - 6 5 - 10
    Sydney Overnight  - 2 3 - 7
    Hobart 2 -4 4 - 8
    New Zealand 1 - 2

    *"Standard Post" shipping times can fluctuate depending on Australia customs clearance, something we have no control over. We haven't had any parcels rejected, but the clearance process can (rarely) add up to 1-5 business days to your shipping times. If you can't afford to wait, please use DHL.

    For deliveries outside of major metropolitan areas (i.e, anything outside of the CBD/inner suburbs of your state's capital), add one to three business days to the estimated shipping times above.

    Please remember that Australia is a big place.

    An important note about shipping times

    Our standard shipping service is not instant.

    It takes time.

    Your parcel is travelling thousands of kilometres across an ocean to reach you. In 99.9% of cases, your parcel will arrive in Australia less than 24 hours after we ship it. From that point onwards, your parcel is at the mercy of Australian Customs (DHL customs clearance is much faster), and then it's up to your local postal service (i.e, Australia Post) to actually deliver it to your house, and that process takes a lot longer and is completely outside of our control.

    95% of our shipments arrive within the timeframes listed on this page, and the remaining 5% take an extra day or two, usually because the shipment is being manually inspected by customs. We have no control over that process either.

    Standard shipping is not an express courier service. Your parcel will travel through your local postal system in exactly the same way as a standard domestic parcel travels. 

    We offer free shipping to Australia for orders over $50, which is a ridiculously cheap deal that no other vendor in New Zealand offers. For roughly $50 NZD (which is about $45 AUD) you can get three or four bottles of fully mixed liquid containing nicotine delivered to your doorstep from another country.

    If you want them in the next 24 - 72 hours, splurge for DHL. It's pretty good, and still a heavily subsidised courier service.

    Order fulfilment and tracking numbers

    We ship ship DHL packages first, then standard mail- all packages go out same-day, but we need to have the DHL parcels ready at 2pm so that they can be in Australia the very next morning, ready for delivery.

    Orders received before 9am Auckland time will usually ship out on the same day. Bear in mind that orders placed before 9am on Monday sometimes won't be shipped until Tuesday - over the weekend we usually receive a lot of orders, and although the fulfilment team starts work on Sunday night to begin clearing the backlog, every now and then some orders made between midday Sunday and Monday morning don't make it into the processing queue until Tuesday. In rare cases, such as during a sale or when we've received more orders than usual, it's also possible that if you place an order very close to 9am (8.45am for instance) during the week, it won't ship up until the following business day.

    Tracking numbers are issued as soon as we print your shipping label, but won't update until:

    • Standard Post:
      • Your parcel travels to Auckland Airport and is finally scanned by NZ Post (99.9% of the time this happens overnight).
    • DHL:
      • Your parcel is picked up by the DHL courier.

    At the start of the day we print the invoices of all the orders that are due to be processed, and the fulfilment team carefully picks and packs your goodies and puts the parcels in a huge stack in our mailing bay. Some time between 4pm and 6pm our local NZ Post contractor (his name is Jeff, and he's lovely) arrives in a truck and picks up all the mail and takes it to the NZ Post parcel facility for sorting and distribution. 

    The process of applying a tracking number to your order and sending you a notification email is entirely automated. We don't do it manually, and we don't have any way to figure out your tracking number before your parcel has shipped, so if you're wondering what your tracking number is there isn't much point emailing us about it - all you need to do is wait to receive the automated email.

    • DHL Express status explained

    We never, ever have customs issues with DHL shipments. We have not had a single parcel confiscated by Australian Customs (DHL, or regular mail).

    All shipments are pre-cleared with manifests uploaded electronically when we print your label. But we've given a quick rundown on what each of the status updates mean.

    If you are truly worried (don't be!) you can call DHL on 13 14 06, their operators answer all calls virtually immediately.



    Shipment information received

    We’ve printed your shipping label.

    Shipment picked up

    The shipment has been picked up by the DHL driver.

    Customs status updated

    Nothing to worry about, click on the red “Further Detail” dropdown for more info.

    DHL Needs further information from the importer

    Don’t stress, this usually doesn’t mean anything. DHL will contact you via phone or email if they need information, but the status usually just clears automatically and the parcel is delivered.

    Shipment has been given a release by Customs

    Don’t stress, your parcel has cleared customs and your parcel will be delivered soon!

    Shipment on hold

    Don’t stress, the parcel is just awaiting the next scheduled movement.

    Unless there is an adhoc exam or a stop by another regulatory authority the shipment will proceed to delivery

    Don’t stress, the parcel is just awaiting the next scheduled movement.

    • Standard/Free Shipping status explained

    99% of packages will clear Australian customs in 24 hours but occasionally your package may take 2-4 days to clear a spot check. This is normal, and to date we have not had a single package rejected by Australian Customs.

    Please note that Australia Post does not offer high resolution tracking on international parcels - sometimes several days can go by with no new tracking events, even though your parcel is travelling through multiple sorting facilities and depots. Australia Post does not scan the parcel each and every time it changes hands, so if your tracking status hasn't changed for a few days don't panic, nothing is wrong and your parcel will be delivered

    Below is a table of various tracking statuses, and what those statuses actually mean.

    Status Translation

    Processed at outbound depot

    NZ Post have received the parcel at their outbound sorting facility in Auckland and are getting ready to load it onto one of the various planes that fly to different parts of Australia.

    International departure

    Your parcel has been loaded onto an NZ Post plane and is bound for Australia.

    In transit with airline

    99% of the time, "in transit with airline" means that the parcel has actually arrived in Australia but it's waiting to go through a customs inspection. This process can sometimes take a few days if customs has a backlog of international parcels to inspect. It's not unusual to see this status for several days in a row. We have no way to influence customs or ask them to expedite their inspection.

    International arrival

    The parcel has been released by customs and is now with Australia Post. At this point, Australia Post will treat the parcel the same as a domestic parcel and it's up to them to deliver it to your house. We have no control whatsoever over this process; we are a New Zealand company, we have no relationship with Australia Post at all and we can't influence the delivery of your parcel in any way. This status may stay the same for several days while Australia Post routes the parcel through their network, it's not unusual at all for Australia Post to never scan the parcel again until it's actually delivered, so don't panic if you don't see any updates after this point. Your parcel is fine, it will be delivered.


    Wondering where your package is?

    When it comes to tracking your parcel, we can only see as much as you. If your parcel is in Australia (Once scanned as International arrival), please call Australia Post on 13 76 78 (13 POST) for updates.

    DHL Australia: 13 14 06

    How Shipping Works: a day-by-day breakdown for nerds


    4:30pm: Our local courier, Jeff (pronounced Jiff) picks up your parcel from the Vapoureyes NZ warehouse.

    5:00pm: Jeff (aka Jiff) delivers the packages to the local NZ Post distribution centre for sorting into local and international mail.

    6:00pm: The mail van leaves the distribution centre and takes a three hour journey to the nearest airport.

    9:00pm: Your parcel is loaded onto a Boeing 737-400 bound for New Zealand Post's International Mail Centre at Auckland Airport.

    10:00pm: Your parcel is sorted onto one of four containers, each of which is bound for one of Australia's major distribution facilities in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane.

    11:00pm: Jeff (Jiff) goes to bed with the humble satisfaction of a job well done.


    6:00am: Planes carrying your parcel and thousands of others leave Auckland and fly the three or four hour flight to Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, or fly seven hours to Perth.

    8:00am - 12:00pm (Australian time): Each plane lands at its respective airport and unloads its parcels into the waiting arms and watchful eyes of Australian Customs. 

    12:00pm - 6:00pm (Australian time): Customs dutifully inspects each parcel.

    6:00pm - Midnight: As Customs clears each parcel, Australia Post takes possession of it. The ball is now firmly in their court. 


    At this point, NZ Post have done their bit and gotten your parcel to Australia in under 24 hours. It's now up to Australia Post to deliver it the last few miles to your house.

    Express Courier
    Australia Post will typically deliver your parcel today or within 48 hours depending on what part of their delivery network you're located in. 

    Standard / Free Shipping
    Australia Post will typically deliver your parcel within 24 to 72 hours, or longer if you're in a rural or regional area.