Shipping Information


We highly recommend our Express shipping option on all orders- it's extremely fast and has excellent tracking every step of the way.

If you choose not to use the Express shipping option, please bear in mind that our free standard shipping service is not instant.Australia is a very large country, it takes time for Australia Post to deliver parcels.

Your parcel is travelling thousands of kilometres across an ocean to reach you. In 99.9% of cases, your parcel will actually arrive in Australia less than 24 hours after we ship it. From that point onwards, your parcel is at the mercy of Australian Customs and then it's up to your local postal service (i.e, Australia Post) to actually deliver it to your house, and that process takes a lot longer and is completely outside of our control.

95% of our shipments arrive within the timeframes listed on this page, and the remaining 5% take an extra day or two, usually because the shipment is being manually inspected by customs - a process we have no control over.

Parcels that have names that are initialed will be held by customs and confirmation will be sought from the shipper; leading to further delays in you getting your vape mail.

Standard shipping is not an express courier service. Your parcel will travel through your local postal system in exactly the same way as a standard domestic parcel travels.

We offer free shipping to Australia for orders over $50, which is a ridiculously cheap deal that no other vendor in New Zealand offers. For roughly $50 NZD (which is about $45 AUD) you can get bottles of fully mixed liquid containing nicotine delivered to your doorstep from another country.

If you want them in the next 1-5 days, splurge for Express. It's pretty good, and still a heavily subsidised courier service.


You might be wondering what the difference is between the two different types of shipping methods we offer - here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of each option.

Benefits AUS POST EXPRESS + TOLL PRIORITY Standard/Free Post
Average Delivery Times
(in business days)
5-12 Working Days (assuming no unexpected delays) 3-4 Weeks
Dispatch Priority These will be processed and shipped first These orders are processed as time allows after the Express orders are shipped
Deliver to PO Boxes/Parcel Lockers Only AusPost Express ships to these addresses AusPost - Standard will ship to PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers


 AusPost Express - Recommended by us

  • This service is fast, as outlined above around 5-12 working days (estimated), these packages are handled as a priority by AusPost and will always be moved through their system before Standard Shipping Packages
  • We process orders with this shipping option before Standard Shipping packages meaning that there is a good chance they will be shipped the same day (exceptions to this are orders that come in after 7am as we start processing packages from then on week days and cannot guarantee that we will do another processing run that same day)
  • This service is free on orders over $150 in value


  • Not really a con, but for remote and regional areas Express will sometimes pass off your parcel to a third-party courier for the final leg of the journey, which could add an extra day or two to the delivery window. However, even if you're in a remote or regional area it's still substantially faster than standard post.

We prioritise Express shipments in order to get them out the door by 2pm.

It's only $15 NZD (~$13/14 AUD), which is super cheap for a flat rate express international courier service. By comparison, with other stores, Express from Asia/USA/UK usually costs $40 AUD or more. We actually subsidise the cost of Express Courier to keep the price low - we pay the extra out of our own pocket to make sure you're always getting the cheapest possible shipping.

No remote delivery charges.

 Standard Post / Free Shipping

  • It's free on orders over $50
  • This is a lower priority shipping method for AusPost, so assistance can be slower with this service if you call their customer service line
  • The delivery expectation is around 2-4 weeks


These delivery times are estimates (notguaranteed), assuming no transit delays due to extenuating circumstances - potential delays will be posted at the top of this page, and override the dates below.

Please note that Express only deliver directly to metro addresses - for all regional/rural addresses outside of the metro area, your package is handed off to Australia Post for last-mile delivery which can take an extra day or two.


Estimated delivery times (in business days - weekends and public holidays not included):

Metro Areas EXPRESS + TOLL PRIORITY (Metropolitan areas usually under a week) Standard Shipping(1-2 weeks)
Adelaide Overnight - 4 5 - 10
Alice Springs N/A 5 - 10
Ballarat Overnight - 4 5 - 10
Brisbane Overnight - 4 5 - 10
Cairns 2 - 5 5 - 10
Canberra Overnight - 4 5 - 10
Darwin 2 - 5 5 - 10
Melbourne Overnight - 4 5 - 10
Perth CBD Overnight - 6 5 - 10
Sydney Overnight - 4 5 - 10
Hobart 2 - 5 5 - 10



If your package hasn't arrived within two weeks (10 business days), please check your tracking link (sent to you via email) to see if there are any apparent issues.

Please then call your shipping provider and provide your tracking number;

  • EXPRESS:email us on hello@vapoureyes.co.nz
  • STANDARD: Australia Post :13 76 78 (13 POST)

If Australia Post are unable to locate the package, please reply to your order confirmation email or email us on hello@vapoureyes.co.nzso we can sort this for you.

Lost in Transit Packages
On the rare occasion your order is Lost in Transit you must contact us within a maximum of 28 days of receiving your tracking information. Queries outside this timeframe aren't able to be investigated by our courier partners so we're unable to assist in a replacement or refund. If your order has been deemed lost in transit by our courier and logistic partners, once we have confirmation of a successful claim we will issue a store credit to the value of your order or replace the order. No refunds are eligible unless at our own discretion. Lost in transit packages need to be confirmed by the courier company which can take an additional 30 days after the expected delivery date (see shipping timeframes). This process may take 30-90 days. View more information on our Refund Policy Page Here.


For deliveries within New Zealand we have partnered with CourierPost, who offer by far the fastest and most reliable domestic deliveries. All shipments are sent with signature on delivery.

Shipping costs for ALL orders within New Zealand are completely FREE (regardless of how much you spend, your location or rural delivery!!)

Too easy!


Estimated delivery times (in business days - weekends and public holidays not included):

North island: Overnight - 2 days
South island: Overnight - 3 days

Rural delivery addresses: Add 1-3 days.


We use DHL Express for our international deliveries, with shipping costs calculated at checkout.

Vapoureyes is not responsible for customs or duties payments in your country, and we unfortunately cannot under-declare the value of our outgoing shipments, nor edit our invoices.


These delivery times are estimates (notguaranteed), assuming no transit delays due to extenuating circumstances.

Please note that DHL only deliver directly to metro addresses - for all regional/rural addresses outside of the metro area, your package is handed off to your local postal service for last-mile delivery which might take an extra day or two.

Estimated delivery times (in business days - weekends and public holidays not included):

Europe   ETA: 3 - 6 Days  
Albania Finland Italy Poland
Andorra France Jersey Portugal
Armenia Georgia Kosovo Reunion
Belarus Germany Latvia Romania
Belgium Gibraltar Liechtenstein San Marino
Bosnia And Herzegovina Greece Lithuania Serbia
Bouvet Island Greenland Luxembourg Slovakia
Bulgaria Guadeloupe Macedonia, Republic Of Slovenia
Croatia Guernsey Malta Spain
Cyprus Holy See (Vatican City State) Moldova, Republic of Sweden
Czech Republic Hungary Monaco Switzerland
Denmark Iceland Montenegro Turkey
Estonia Ireland Netherlands Ukraine
Faroe Islands Isle Of Man Norway United Kingdom
Asia   ETA: 2 - 4 Days  
Cambodia Hong Kong Malaysia Vietnam
China India (Not since 2022) New Caledonia Taiwan
Cook Islands Indonesia Pakistan (Not since 2022) Sri Lanka (Not since 2022)
Fiji Japan (Limitations apply) Samoa  
North America ETA: 2 - 5 Days  
Canada Mexico  





Shipment information received

Vapoureyes has printed your shipping label and your parcel is sitting in a stack awaiting pickup by the DHL courier.

Shipment picked up

Your parcel has been picked up by the DHL driver.

Customs status updated

Customs have processed your parcel. Click the red "further detail" link on the tracking page to see any relevant information about the customs process.

DHL Needs further information from the importer

Typically, this status will be automatically cleared and you don't need to provide any further information. In very rare cases, DHL will contact you via phone or email if they need information, but the status usually just clears automatically and the parcel is delivered. You do not need to contact us or DHL if you see this tracking status.

Shipment has been given a release by Customs

Customs have inspected your parcel and cleared it for delivery.

Shipment on hold

Your parcel is in a holding area with thousands of other parcels waiting to be moved to a different part of DHL's delivery network. This is completely normal, and doesn't affect the speed at which your parcel is delivered. Almost every single DHL parcel will show this status at one point or another, it's nothing to worry about and you do not need to contact us or DHL about it.

Unless there is an adhoc exam or a stop by another regulatory authority the shipment will proceed to delivery

Your parcel has been cleared for delivery, and the only thing that might interrupt it is if customs decide to arbitrarily pull your parcel out of the queue for further inspection. This almost never happens, and if it does you don't need to do anything and you don't need to contact us or DHL about it, customs will clear the parcel shortly afterwards.


Vapoureyes is not responsible for customs or duties payments in your country, nor can we fraudulently mis-declare shipments containing vape products.

Below is a table of countries we've had issues with in the past, and is not a definitive list.

General clearance difficulty High import taxes/duties Seizure / destruction

Cook Islands
Hong Kong



Country-specific notes.

Japan - Limit of 120ml nicotine-containing e-liquid per person, per month + $100 USD limit per shipment.

USA - Due to recent USA regulatory changes regarding the transportation of vaping products, we are not able to deliver Vaping Products to the USA as of March 26, 2021. This prohibition includes all vape devices, products and accessories. For more information related to this new policy, you can click here (p. 2669) to review the “Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act” outlined in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021.

"Shits' fucked", as the kids say.




  • As we approach the festive Christmas season, we anticipate a higher volume of orders globally, which may lead to some delays in shipping. We are dedicated to ensuring timely delivery, but kindly ask for your patience and understanding should any delays occur

General Information:  

  • International mail is facing delays, both services (Express and Standard) can be affected by unexpected delays. These delays are out of our control and need to be factored into your delivery expectations

  • We will do our best to maintain our stock levels for our customers, our locally made products will remain fully stocked

  • Our stock of imported liquids will be maintained as best we can however with new regulations here in NZ on labelling and supply chain issues, we will not always have these products available

  • Hardware will be maintained as best we can


We are using AusPost for our Express and Standard Shipping options and the following needs to be considered when selecting these options

  • Express is the best AusPost option to use, it clears customs faster and will arrive in a timely fashion (estimates below)
  • International Freight does meet with disruptions from time to time, there is nothing we can do to speed up or accelerate delivery times
  • For lost packages, contact AusPost on 13 76 78 and ask for a case number, we will need that if we are going to be of assistance
  • Make sure your address is CORRECT, it is extraordinarily difficult to effect changes to parcels once they are in transit.
  • Once a package is in transit, we are unable to cancel it or refund it. You will need to make arrangements to have the parcel returned to us, once it is back at our facility, then we can assess the package to see if it meets our refund criteria
  • Any issues or queries can be relayed via our website or to hello@vapoureyes.co.nz

Toll Priority

This is an Express service and at this point, they do not have a free shipping threshold so any orders with Toll Priority will cost $18 regardless of the value of the order.

  • Toll Priority has a lag in their tracking updates, it can take a few days for the tracking to be updated. Do not be alarmed if it takes 2-4 working days for the tracking to be scanned, this is perfectly normal.
  • The shipping estimate for Toll Priority is around 5-12 working days
  • Toll Priority is unable to ship to parcel lockers or PO Boxes, we will be unable to ship to those locations with this service

To ensure that your package gets to you with a minimum of difficulty please follow the steps below:

  • Have your full name on the package, spelled correctly
  • Correct shipping address (unit / street number, street name in the address section, suburb in the suburb section)
  • Contact number and email
  • Prescription that can be uploaded on the payment page


Recent changes in NZ regulations on Vaping products means that a large percentage of our selection is unavailable to our NZ family. If a product has “EXPORT ONLY” on the product page, you will be unable to purchase this item.

Courier Post:

With the current shipping conditions in New Zealand, we have been advised of the following:

  • The current estimate for domestic deliveries is 2-3 working days (excluding unanticipated delays)
  • Parcels are unable to be left on location since Nicotine containing products and associated items (Vaping Pods, mods, kits etc) are considered 18+ items akin to alcohol and tobacco. The person receiving the product must sign for it and be 18 years or older, if the courier suspects that the person is below the age of 18, they can request ID.

    If the ID request is declined, the package will be taken away and shipped back to us (the sender). The customer will then need to contact us to arrange reshipping at your cost. This also means that packages for NZ customers cannot be left on site, a signature is required, and, in the event, there is no one home to receive the parcel, it will be returned to the depot and the customer will need to arrange for another delivery attempt.
  • Tracking updates can take longer to appear if an order is placed on Friday as Courier Post does not service our parcels on weekends, so please keep this in mind if your tracking isn’t immediately updated.
  • Any issues or queries can be relayed via our website or to hello@vapoureyes.co.nz

Vapoureyes NZ proudly supports Nourished For Nil, a local non-profit organisation whose sole aim it is to rescue surplus food and redistribute it to the local Hawke’s Bay community.

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