Dripcoin FAQs

Dripcoins are our exciting new rewards program - every time you make a purchase at Vapoureyes NZ you earn Dripcoins, which can be redeemed for cash discounts on your next order!

Dripcoins Frequently Asked Questions:

How do earn Dripcoins?

Simply make a purchase at Vapoureyes NZ, and you'll earn 10 Dripcoins for every dollar spent (not including shipping.) For example, if you placed an order for $40 worth of juice and chose the $15 EXPRESS shipping option, you'd earn 400 Dripcoins.

Do I get Dripcoins for referring a friend?

No, our Referral system has now ceased, the Dripcoin system itself is still here and you will earn coins on your purchases but not for referring new customers to us.

How do I use my Dripcoins?

It's super easy: make sure you're logged into your Vapoureyes NZ account, add a bunch of stuff to your shopping cart, and then click the "Redeem Dripcoins" button on the checkout page.

 I can't see my Dripcoin balance

You'll need to be logged in to use the Dripcoins reward system. If you don't have an account yet, you can register your free account by clicking this link.

I've placed orders in the past, but the website says I don't have an account

If you've placed orders previously but chosen not to open an account during checkout, you can register your free account by clicking this link and you'll be credited for all of your previous orders. Just make sure to use the exact same email address that you used on your previous orders otherwise it won't work.

Can I use all of my Dripcoins at once?

Yes, but bear in mind that you can only redeem Dripcoins up to half the value of your order. For example, if you have $10 worth of Dripcoins and your order is over $20 you'll be able to use all $10 worth in one shot, but if you have $100 worth of Dripcoins and your order is only $50 then you can only redeem $25 worth of Dripcoins for that order.

Do Dripcoins expire?

Yes, if you don't use your Dripcoins they'll eventually expire. If you go more than a month without using them in an order, we'll automatically deduct 250 coins (worth $2.50 NZD) from your stash, and if you haven't used them at all after 365 days your rewards account will be automatically closed and you'll lose whatever's left. We send email warnings about both of those things so you'll have plenty of opportunity to use them before they expire, but it's up to you to take advantage of them while you have them. Bear in mind that Dripcoins are a free gift, you don't have to pay anything extra to earn them, so consider them in the same way you'd consider a physical coupon that any other business would have - if you don't use it, eventually it expires.

I received fewer Dripcoins than I expected for my order

Dripcoins are earned on the total value of your purchased products, minus any shipping costs or discounts. For example, if you add $50 worth of products to your cart and use a discount coupon to reduce the total cost to $40, and you choose the $15 Express shipping method, you'll only earn Dripcoins on the $40 you paid for the goods you purchased.

I used Dripcoins to save money on my order, but now I have to pay shipping

The $50 free shipping tier only applies to the total value of the cart after all discounts have been applied. For example, if you added $50 worth of items to your cart and used a discount coupon or Dripcoins to reduce the price to $40, your total would be below the $50 threshold and shipping costs would apply. However, if you added $60 worth of items to your cart and used a coupon code or Dripcoins to reduce the price to $50, you would be above the threshold and shipping would be free.

I can't find the button to redeem my coins

If you can't see the floating red Dripcoins box on the bottom left of every page, or the redemption box on the checkout page, try temporarily disabling your browser's ad blocker, clearing your cookies and cache, or completing checkout using a different browser. Here are some pictures to illustrate what the floating box and redemption box look like:

Floating Dripcoins popup, bottom left of every page

Redemption box, visible on the checkout page underneath the checkout button

Dripcoins Terms and Conditions:

We're not great at writing these legal contract/terms things, so we'll keep this relatively simple: Dripcoins aren't an entitlement, they're just a way to thank you for your loyalty.

They're not some kind of promise, debt, contractual obligation, or I.O.U., etc. You didn’t sign anything, and neither did we. You don't have to pay anything extra to earn your Dripcoins, they're assigned to you based on the value of your order, and they're essentially just a gift which means if something goes horribly wrong and we have to stop offering them at some point in the future then we're not obligated to pay you for any Dripcoins you still have left at the time when we stop offering them. Of course, we don't have any plans to stop offering them, and if we do ever withdraw them we'll try to give everyone at least a week's notice, unless it's something out of our control.

Your Dripcoins are only valid at Vapoureyes NZ. Our sister company Vapoureyes Australia has a different rewards program, and since we're two separate companies operating in two separate countries there's no link between their rewards and our rewards.

Dripcoins are designed to be spent, not hoarded, so if you don't place an order within a month of receiving Dripcoins for a previous order we'll automatically deduct 250 from your account, and if you go 365 without using them your rewards account will be automatically closed and you'll lose whatever coins you had. That might sound mean to you, but remember that Dripcoins are free, you don't pay anything extra to earn them, and they're meant to be actively used.

Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions: 

Your referral person must place an order of at least $50nzd for the referral to be 'completed', after which a voucher will be emailed to you automatically. Orders made using a referral code must be for a different individual than the referrer. Self-referrals are not permitted and any Dripcoins given from self-referrals will be removed. You must be a human (no bots or other automated methods are permitted).

If you have any questions about Dripcoins that aren't covered in this FAQ, feel free to drop us a line via our contact form, we're always happy to hear from you!

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