Dripcoin FAQs

Dripcoins are our exciting new rewards program - every time you make a purchase at Vapoureyes NZ you earn Dripcoins, which can be redeemed for cash discounts on your next order!

Dripcoins frequently asked questions:

Q - How do earn Dripcoins?

A - Simply make a purchase at Vapoureyes NZ, and you'll earn 10 Dripcoins for every dollar spent (not incl. freight costs).

Q - How do I use my Dripcoins?

A - Simply make sure you are logged into your Vapoureyes NZ account, create a shopping cart, then click on the "Redeem Dripcoins" button either on the cart page (underneath the "Update Cart / Place your order / Paypal" buttons) or by clicking on the floating red redemption box (bottom left of your screen)

Q - I can't see my Dripcoin balance.

A - You need to be logged in to use the Dripcoins system.


Q - I've placed orders in the past, but the website says I do not have an account

A - Customers can place orders at Vapoureyes without creating an account - but in order to use the Dripcoins system you'll need to register your email address as an account with us - Click here to register your account!  (be sure to use the same email used on your previous orders.)

Q - I can't redeem all of my Dripcoins at once.

A - You can only redeem Dripcoins up to half the value of your order.


Q - I received slightly less Dripcoins than the total of my order.

A - Dripcoins are earned on the total value of your purchased products, minus any shipping costs.


Q - I've redeemed my dripcoins to below $50, and I'm being asked to pay for shipping.

A - Free shipping to Australia only applies to orders above $50 (excl. QLD), calculated after any discounts applied.


Q - I can't find the button to redeem my coins.

A - If you cannot see the floating red Dripcoins redemption box (floating bottom left on any page), or the redemption box at checkout (on the shopping cart page) try temporarily disabling your browser's adblock, or complete checkout on a different browser (We've tested in the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers)


Dripcoins Terms and Conditions:

  • Look, Dripcoins are just our way of saying “Thanks for being awesome and supporting Vapoureyes NZ”. We like to do nice stuff like not automating everything, and instead we hire as many people as we can, because everyone needs to be able to put food on their table and support their family. We also help out local projects like Nourished For Nil, a local non-profit organisation whose sole aim it is to rescue surplus food and redistribute it to the local Hawke’s Bay community – so by supporting us, you’re supporting them. And because you’ve supported us, we want to give something back to you. Go find a mirror, look at your beautiful face, and say “I’ve supported something good today, I’m awesome!”
  • As you might tell, I’m not good at these contract/terms things. Just keep in mind that this is just a thank-you for being awesome thing. We just try to do the best by everyone, and we’ll try to do the best by you. This isn’t some kind of promise, debt, contractual obligation, or I.O.U., etc.  You didn’t sign anything, and neither did we. If this thing turns out to be a big mess, our accountants finally scream hard enough, and we want to end it, we can do that – but to be fair, Mo could totally probably maybe win in a 1v1 cage-wrestling fight with Steve from accounting, so your Dripcoins are probably safe.
  • Hell, we even back-paid everyone’s Dripcoins from all orders placed since we opened, nine months after the fact. We didn’t need to do that, but we did. Our accountants were miffed, but #yolo.
  • Anyway, we recommend signing up for an account so you can use your Dripcoins. We also recommend giving us your phone number, not because we will do anything nefarious with it, but because sometimes if there is an urgent issue with shipping or products, we want to fix you up quick-smart. Frankly, it’s usually a long-distance call, so we would rather NOT call you, but you know how it is sometimes.
  • You don’t earn Dripcoins on shipping costs, because we don’t earn any money on shipping, and more often than not our shipping costs are actually subsidised, so you win either day.
  • Oh, if you live in Australia, make sure that you don’t send your mail to Austria accidentally. I mean, we’ll still take care of you if you do, but it’s still annoying. You can imagine. It's happened only once so far, thank god.
  • Finally, your Dripcoins are only valid at Vapoureyes NZ. You could try asking other vape shops if they will accept them… if you do please let us know how it works out for you.