Getting Started!

So you want to start vaping, but the terminology is a bit overwhelming?

Don't worry, we totally understand- the good news is that it's actually super easy to get started!

All you need is:

1. A good quality starter kit (Good quality, not "expensive"!)

  • Currently we sell two of the best starter kits on the market- the Innokin Endura T18 and T22. They both simulates the warm, tight draw of a cigarette, with excellent flavour, vapour production, and battery life.
The Endura T18 kit comes with:
  • a battery unit (press the button while inhaling to vape),
  • a tank (where your e-liquid and heating element "coil" goes),
  • and a charging cable (A standard Micro-USB, plug it into any free USB port on your computer, phone charger, etc)

The Endura T22 kit has all the same features, but with a larger tank and battery unit.

    • (We have access to nearly all starter kits on the market, and settled on the Endura line. Why? They are extremely affordable, reliable, and easy to use.)

2. A few bottles of e-liquid.

  • Which Flavour? 
    • Flavour is subjective, but we suggest that while "tobacco" flavours are a good starter liquid, 99% of people move onto other flavours immediately after starting vaping- who wants to be reminded to stinky tobacco every day, when you could be vaping a Pina Colada, Blueberry Menthol, or Strawberry Milkshake?
  • How much e-liquid do I need?
    • With use with our Endura T18/T22 starter kits, a 30ml bottle of e-liquid will generally last you between 3-7 days, depending on your vaping habits. We recommend grabbing at least 2-3 bottles to start off with, to get an idea of which flavour suits you.
    • Always have at least two weeks supply on hand - there is nothing worse than running out of e-liquid!
  • Nicotine levels: we offer from 0mg all the way up to 18mg.
    • 0mg - No nicotine. For someone who wants to vape for flavour, and the hand-to-mouth motion.
    • 1.5mg - Ultra-light. For those about to give up nicotine, or with use with high-powered vaping devices.
    • 3mg - Light. Almost no throat hit, for weaning off nicotine.
    • 6mg - Medium-Light. Casual smoker.
    • 9mg - Medium. Lighter throat-hit. Around 12 smokes a day.
    • 12mg - Regular. Good throat-hit. 12-24 smokes a day.
    • 18mg - Heavy. Tonnes of "throat hit". PAD+ Smoker.
  • Note on nicotine strengths, and different kits:
    • There are many other vape kits on the market, some of them are advertised as "subohm", or high-wattage- these are perfectly fine to use, but higher powered devices will provide more vapour and throat-hit, so you might want to go down a nicotine level when vaping on a higher wattage device.

3. Some replacement "coils" for your starter kit.

  • Inside the "tank" of your kit contains a heating element, which is commonly called a "coil". These "coils" generally have a life-span for 1-3 weeks depending your vaping habits- over time they produce less and less vapour, with flavour diminishing as well. Basically, if you get a burnt taste, just change your coil!
  • For about $14, you receive a pack of five coils, which will last you between 1-3 months.
  • Changing your coil is easy, with illustrated instructions printed onto the box of your starter kit.