2024 E-Liquid Name Changes.


The short version:

The New Zealand Ministry of Health, in their infinite wisdom, restricted the flavour terms we can use on vaping products. You can read the regulations here - it's a real snoozer.

The long version:

Diving into the heart of it, we're dealing with a piece of regulation that's not only a masterpiece of convoluted writing but also serves the grand purpose of vexing everyone in the supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are thrust into the merry dance of rebranding and repackaging their offerings. This delightful exercise in futility isn't new (mind you!) it's a rerun of the 2020 regulation changes we only just finished recovering from.

Dear traveller, let's embark on the bewildering journey of understanding the logic behind the "sanctioned" flavour terms.

Feast your eyes on this logic-defying selection: Pepper, Plum, and Pecan bask in the glory of approval, yet Apricot finds itself ostracised. Blackcurrant and feijoa? Banished from the kingdom. Watermelon makes the cut, but its cousins Melon, Honeydew, and Rockmelon are conspicuously absent.

To all the blackcurrant aficionados out there, it appears you've been unceremoniously dumped—might I suggest a switch to the exquisite pepper flavour?

Oh, and just for the record, it remains perfectly legal to sell flavours that evoke the essence of blackcurrant, apricot, feijoa, or any melon variant.

The catch?

You dare not speak their names.

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