100mg Nicotine Salts

Flavourless nicotine salt base, 100mg (10% Nicotine in 100% propylene glycol base).

This product is for advanced users only - do not purchase high-strength nicotine unless you are absolutely confident in your nicotine handling ability- nicotine is a poison in high concentrations and can cause serious harm in the wrong hands.

This nicotine must be diluted before use, and should not be added directly to doublers- gloves, syringes, and calculations are required. 

We pack your nicotine directly from our pharmacy-grade freezer, to prevent exposure to heat and reduce oxidation.  

    • PG/VG Blends

    Our 100mg nicotine salts are based in 100% PG. We cannot do custom blends at this time. As with all our products, this nicotine is blended in our state of the art pharmaceutical-grade clean room.

    • Nicotine Colour

    Nicotine salts are by nature coloured a golden brown - this is not indicative of "spoiled" or "oxidised" nicotine, rather just a result of the nicotine salts' unique chemistry. To the contrary - nicotine salts are a great deal more stable than freebase nicotine and are a great deal more resistant to oxidation.

    • Storage

    Best stored in the freezer, out of direct sunlight, to maximise shelf life.

    • Warning

    Nicotine is a poisonous substance that can, if mishandled, cause serious illness or even death. Nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin, so wear disposable gloves during handling and immediately clean any spills or drips. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    • If swallowed, contact poisons information center:
      • Australia: 13 11 26
      • New Zealand: 0800 764 766

    CAS № 22083-74-5

    Nicotine blend descriptions page can be found here.

    • How many millilitres (ml) of 100mg nicotine required to "spike" your 0mg juice.
    Bottle Size
    30ml 60ml 120ml
    Target 1.5 0.45 0.9 1.8
    Nicotine 3 0.9 1.8 3.6
    Strength 6 1.8 3.6 7.2
    9 2.7 5.4 10.8
    12 3.6 7.2 14.4
    18 5.4 10.8 21.6

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Joel Mcgarry
    Not delivered

    Got stuck in Melbourne

    Never arrived

    Oz customs appears to stop everything now, regardless who it’s sent with. Game Over.

    VE legends!!!

    Terrific quality!

    Thanks x umpteen gazillion VE for the spectacular service and wonderful support this past year - couldn’t have done it without you.

    Took a chance with this order but you came through!
    Grateful because an order with different retailer, with script, made a month prior to dictatorship/tyranny-o’clock, was detained upon arriving in Oz, because apparently they decided to enforce the (anti-fact, science and reality) bans a month early, seize all packages without checking for the script inside, and (naturally) got away with it (consumer law and rights be damned).

    With very little $ and having had a gutfull of public servants and bureaucrats practising and dictating medicine without a licence or my consent, wall to wall propaganda, bullshitting bullies and crooks stonewalling.,,

    Your 241 sale was very very welcome.

    You have excelled in all aspects of customer care and attention to detail, your colourful emails and soh have been greatly appreciated

    It aint over…holding the line

    My Thanks 🙏

    Nic salts

    Awesome product. Thought I had one lost to customs but it turned up 3 weeks later (after 2 or so weeks of silence by Aus Post). All the ones ordered after that turned up as quick as always. Thanks guys.

    Quick and efficient

    Always a pleasure doing business with you. Sad that I won’t be able to order anymore. Now I’ve got to try to figure out how to mix my own. Really hope Oz drops this stupid ban sooner than later.

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