Is Bogan Brews just all Hype?

June 08, 2020 4 min read

Straight out of the Bogan Capital of Australia (Adelaide), The Vaping Bogan has taken the youtube vape-review world by storm, throwing out well-polished, well-spoken eloquent reviews and replacing them with his no-bullshit, no-holds-barred, profanity-filled take on all of the best fu****n' gear he can lay his hands on.

So is Bogan Brews worth the hype?

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years, you probably know who the Vaping Bogan is. With over 100,000 Youtube Subscribers and a fancy silver youtube-play paperweight (currently located on the shelf above the dunny), the numbers speak for themselves.

Yeah yeah, we get it. The guy's a legend. But can he make juice?

The Bogan Brews E-liquid line has been described as: Six mind-blowing blends with minimal sweetener, so your coils last longer, and you can vape them all day till your bottle is dry.

And to that, we completely agree. When you're tooting on some ridgy didge, Aussie e-liquid, you really need to find a flavour that's going to be a) delicious, b) not clog your coils c) mixed well d) come from a trusted source.

And for us, Bogan Brews truely hits all the markers for that. There's no doubt a lot of work has gone into this juiceline. From flavours you'd never expect to go together (like cherry donut), to the old favourite Cola flavoured, the Bogan Brews line has something for everyone. Full bodied eliquids that don't clog your coils, you can't do any better than that.

So sit back, relax, put some Ducks Nuts in yer tank. Why not grab a beer and watch some Vaping Bogan on Youtube?

Bogan Brews Freebase

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Coorong Cola; Cola, bloody cola! A hard candy cola vape with a refreshing fizzy finish.

Six'n'Out; You all know the rules, over the fence and you're outta here. Lush lychees at the stumps and blackcurrants in the outfield.

Grab a bottle of Six'n'Out, make sure the eskies are stocked, kick back and sub ohm ya d*** off.

Fair Dinkum; Light and easy, just like the Mrs...

A few apples, bit of peach and just a few berries combine for a bonza vape that goes down easier than a cold beer in summer.

The Duck's Nuts: to be the highest quality in a certain category of items; "This show is The Duck's Nuts!"

And it really is! Duck's is a cherry jam filled doughnut, bursting with sweetness and topped off with savoury doughnut fresh baked from the oven.

If you're a fan of Red vs Blue (just like the Bogan), you'll absolutely love this. Paired well with a classic, low smokiness Stout!

Bloody Ripper:really awesome; "this brew right here is a Bloody Ripper."

Too right mate, Ripper is a raspberry and pineapple sour, but nix all the hops you'd expect from the first ten minutes of a Bogan review. Enjoy the smooth and tingly refreshment this all day vape contender will provide day after day.

Beyond perfectly paired with a highly hopped IPA!

Ridgy-didge: genuine, original, or good; "A true blue ridgy-didge Aussie"

Ridgy Didge rings true its name, with a chewy oatmeal cookie iced with a lemony citrus tinged icing. It's not sickly sweet either, perfect for those days you're craving a sweet down the shops.

Perfect paired with a Pilsner or traditional Ale!

Bought 0mg juice and spiked to ~6mg with VE Smooth Nic Salts. Raspberry on the inhale, smooth pineapple on the exhale with a moderately sour aftertaste, exactly as described. The raspberry and pineapple are both perfectly light, not sickly sweet or overtly intense. The flavour is excellently balanced- right there and noticeable- but not overbearing. Yet to pair with a hoppy IPA as per the description but I'm sure it'd be a fire combo and I'm excited to try it. I find the sourness at the end a bit obtuse at times, but that's my personal tastes. Super tasty juice, really nice on a hot day when you are fiending something smooth and refreshing but not too sweet. Put ya feet up, have a toot of this and a beer.

— Ridge

Bogan Brews Nic Salts

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About the Bottles

VG/PG Ratio: 75/25
Bottle Material:60mL chubby bottle
Cap: Child-Resistant Cap w/Nozzle
Ingredients: Palm-free glycerine, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavours, nicotine.

Product of Aotearoa


One off Donations - paypal.me/sparsons886


Instagram - @thevapingbogan Email - sam@vapingbogan.com.au

Bogan Brews with Bundles

Designed in collaboration with the one and only Vaping Bogan, the Bonza Kit is the absolute pinnacle of the modern mech tube design. From its stippled exterior to its smoothly machined interior, every inch of this thing is a work of art, and man oh man does it pack a punch.

We're also chucking in some bottle opener sunglasses, a 60mL bottle of juice (just specify which flavour and mg strength you want) AND a pack of cotton. You can't go wrong with that, mate!

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