Steep Times
VG/PG Ratios
Nicotine Strengths

Steep Times

The "steeping" time listed on each product's page (in the table with the flavour profiles) is the time that we recommend letting the juice rest for before vaping it, in order to let the nicotine bring out the flavours.

This time starts from the moment we mix your juice (all juice is made fresh to order, with your order number printed on each bottle)- you don't have to do anything other than let the juice rest for a while in a cool, dark place, and perhaps give the bottles a shake every once in awhile.

Generally speaking, fruits and menthols taste pretty fantastic from the get go; while bakery, creams, and tobacco flavours benefit from a week or two of steeping.

VG/PG Ratios

The VG/PG ratio is basically the thickness of our e-liquids. More VG means a thicker liquid, and less throat hit (generally), while higher PG will offer more throat hit, and will wick faster into your coil.

We cannot offer custom VG/PG ratios at this time.

Generally, people prefer higher VG in higher-powered devices for a smoother hit, and PG has a tendency to dry you out- regardless, you should always drink plenty of water while vaping!

Our liquids are formulated to work with the vast majority of atomisers on the market, and work exceptionally well with the Innokin Endura kits we sell on this site- but we still recommend checking your personal atomiser for it's recommended PG/VG ratio.

If the Vapoureyes liquid you have purchased is slightly higher in VG than your atomiser recommends, it should still vape fine, just give it a few minutes initially for the thicker liquid to wick into your coil and fully saturate the cotton before vaping.

Nicotine Strengths

  • These recommendations are based on a MTL ("mouth to lung"), low powered, 10-15 watt kit.
  • If you are vaping on a sub-ohm atomiser, we would recommend vaping a nicotine level lower than recommended here.
    • 0mg - No nicotine. For someone who wants to vape for flavour, and the hand-to-mouth motion.
    • 1.5mg - Ultra-light. For those about to give up nicotine, or with use with high-powered vaping devices.
    • 3mg - Light. Almost no throat hit, for weaning off nicotine.
    • 6mg - Medium-Light. Casual smoker.
    • 9mg - Medium. Lighter throat-hit. Around 12 smokes a day.
    • 12mg - Regular. Good throat-hit. 12-24 smokes a day.
    • 18mg - Heavy. Tonnes of "throat hit". PAD+ Smoker.