The Vapoureyes FIGHT BACK Bag

How many bottles are in each bag, and how big are the bottles?

Each bag contains between eight and eleven bottles (but mostly ten bottles) of flavoured e-liquid, and the sizes vary depending on which bag you get. The freebase bags will generally contain 60ml bottles, with some containing 100ml and 120ml bottles (the bags containing eight bottles will have some 100ml and 120ml bottles in them, hence fewer bottles). The salt bags will contain 30ml bottles. The original retail price for all of the bottles, regardless of size, are around about the $30 to $35 mark, so the average bag will contain about $350 worth of juice at full retail price. We're charging $279 per bag, which averages out at $27.90 per bottle, so there's a slight discount compared to the full retail price. 

But remember, the purpose of these bags is to raise funds to mount a legal challenge and to pay for various advocacy efforts around Australia, not to sell juice at a massive discount. This is a fundraiser, not a giveaway.

Why e-liquid rather than unflavoured nicotine?

The short answer is that we're completely out of unflavoured nicotine already. The longer answer is that we got hundreds of emails from people who were upset at having missed out on stocking up before the site went offline, and we didn't want to leave those people high and dry. We have the stock, we have the team, and we have this chartered flight, so we figured this was the best option.

Why can't I choose which flavours go into my bag?

Time is of the essence here. By choosing the flavours randomly, our team have been able to pre-pack thousands of bags ready for shipping. All we have to do is slap a label on them and load them onto the plane and they'll be on their way to Australia before you know it.

Can I please please please have a specific brand of e-liquid? I'll be your best friend.

As much as we want to be your best friend, it's really important that we serve as many customers as possible in the short time we have left, and that means we can't respond to any requests for specific brands or custom combinations. It would take more than ten times as long to pick and pack individual custom orders than it takes to make and ship these bags, and we just don't have that amount of time left before the deadline.

Why ten bottles, can't I just order as many as I want?

It's all about efficiency. We wanted to make sure we could serve as many people as possible, so sticking with one standardised bag made the process a lot simpler and quicker. We know that eight to eleven bottles might be more than you need right now, but remember that this nicotine ban is absolutely going ahead and if the vaping industry isn't able to put forward an effective legal challenge in the next few months, it may end up being a permanent ban. Stock up while you can!

What if I don't like the flavours I get?

Well, to be frank, that's the risk you're taking with a bag of random juice. If you don't want to take that risk then that's fair enough, and you shouldn't buy a bag. If you do happen to get some flavours you're not a fan of then you can always find another vaper who might like to swap with you, or you could consider giving them away to someone less fortunate who wasn't able to stock up before the ban took effect.

Why can't I buy any other products?

It's that efficiency thing again. One product = quick fulfilment = more people get served = fewer people miss out.

Why are you charging $10 for shipping?

We've chartered a rather expensive last-minute flight. $10 is a heavily subsidised rate, it's going to cost us a lot more than that per bag, but we're trying to defray the cost a little so there's more money left over for advocacy.

Will my bag definitely make it to Australia in time?

Our logistics partner DHL has assured us they'll be able to get these parcels to Australia and clear them through customs before July 1. Keep in mind that your parcel doesn't need to be delivered before July 1, it just needs to clear customs before then.

Will I be able to buy non-nicotine products from Vapoureyes NZ after July 1?

If you live in New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Europe, and pretty much every other country on earth other than Australia, yes. If you live in Australia, no.

But have no fear, Aussie cousins: pretty much all of the flavours we sell are already available to buy without nicotine on our domestic sister site, Vapoureyes Australia!

Some of you might not know this, but Vapoureyes Australia is the original Vapoureyes. We started out and came of age in South Australia long before we opened a branch in New Zealand. These days, Vapoureyes Australia is headquartered in Victoria since the South Australian government took the insane step of banning all online sales of vaping products within the state. Crazy, right?

What are you going to do with the funds you raise?

While our number one priority is mounting a legal challenge against this ban, it's important to remember that the fight for vaping rights extends far beyond just this one particular issue.

Even if this ban is overturned, it will still be illegal to buy or sell nicotine domestically in Australia, it'll still be illegal for vapers in South Australia to buy vaping products online, the Therapeutic Goods Administration will still refuse to approve (or even assess) vaping devices, the Government will still have the power to ban flavoured e-liquids — there are myriad challenges ahead of us that need to be addressed before you can share the same rights as vapers in just about every other developed country on the planet.

At the end of the day, this is going to be a long and complex war. There are no quick answers and no easy solutions. It may take months or even years to find success, and of course there are no guarantees that we'll be successful. And if we're unsuccessful there are additional risks: in Australia, the losing party has to pay the costs of the winning party, which, given we'll be fighting a government with very deep pockets ($18 billion a year in tobacco excise, for example), could be an expensive proposition.

Nevertheless, we're going to do whatever we can to fight the injustices committed against vaping in the courts. We won't be acting alone, and we'll be donating a portion of the funds we raise to organisations like ATHRA and Legalise Vaping Australia to help them mount whatever legal challenges their counsel feel is appropriate. 

We may also use a portion of these funds to pay for awareness campaigns to encourage people to contact their Senators and MPs, or to lobby politicians to speak up in their party rooms and in Parliament in favour of vaping. For example, we could help an organisation like Legalise Vaping Australia to reach hundreds of thousands of vapers all around the country via an SMS campaign, or we could pay the expenses for a group of vapers who want to stage a protest at Parliament House. There are no shortage of opportunities for vaping advocacy in Australia, and we'll be exploring all of them to see if they're viable.

Ultimately, when you buy a FIGHT BACK bag you're putting your trust in us to fight on your behalf. You're trusting that we're going to use the money we raise in a way that's consistent with our values, and your values. We're pretty upfront about who we are and what we believe, and we hope you have faith that we'll always be strong advocates for the vaping community.

What e-liquid brands will be in my bag? 

Here's a full list of all the brands you might find in your bag:

Freebase Bags
Alpine Cloud Co Barista Brew Co BLVK Unicorn
Botany Bay Bottling Co. Bru Juice Bunyip Vapes
Charlie Noble Charlie Noble Latte Charlie Noble Lime
Charlie Noble Slush Charlie's Subohm Salts Chubby Vapes
Dr. Frost Fanboy FlavaCo Cartel
Fresh Farms Grizzly Hunting Cloudz
Kernel Kile Sour Series Krem
Numbskull Ohm Away From Home Outerworld
Pachamama Subohm Salts Sadboy Simply
SUA Vapors Sugoi Vapor Superb Classic
Superb Platinum Superb Royal SVRF
SVRF Iced Teardrip Juice CO The Mamasan
THe Milkman Heritage The Standard 100 The Standard Vape
Vapesters Yami Vapor


Salt Bags
13th Floor Elevapors Bad Drip Beard Vape Co
Bogan Brews Brella Salts Bunyip Vapes
Charlie's Chalk Dust Chubby Vapes Famous Fair
FlavaCo Cartel Fresh Farms Hunting Cloudz
Mr. Salt-E Naked 100 One Hit Wonder
Pod Drops Sadboy Simply
Sugoi Superb SVRF
The Mamasan Vapetasia Yogi E-Liquid

Vapoureyes NZ proudly supports Nourished For Nil, a local non-profit organisation whose sole aim it is to rescue surplus food and redistribute it to the local Hawke’s Bay community.

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