Queensland, the Nanny State

There are reports that shipments of e-liquid to Queensland are being confiscated by customs under the direction of the Queensland government. While it's certainly true that the prohibitionist morality police in Queensland are doing their best to limit your right to vape, as yet Vapoureyes NZ has not had a single parcel confiscated by any customs or quarantine body in any country.

Vapoureyes NZ has not had a single parcel confiscated by any customs or quarantine body in any country- ever.

Furthermore, because of the way DHL and NZ Post transfers international parcels, all Vapoureyes NZ parcels travelling to Australia land in Sydney before heading to their destination state, and therefore none of our parcels pass through Queensland customs prior to delivery.

However, as a precaution, until more information is available we've decided to withdraw the free standard shipping rate for customers in Queensland, and instead activate a subsidised express shipping option for those affected.

Please note, this change only affects customers in Queensland, it does not affect anyone in any other state or country.

The reason we're making this change is that NZ Post, the carrier we use to send standard parcels, is unable to provide any assistance if parcels are intercepted by customs, but DHL Express, the carrier we use to send express parcels, has a dedicated customs clearance team who can help if any problems arise.

We understand that some customers in Queensland may find it frustrating that the free shipping option is now no longer available to them, so we've decided to subsidise our express shipping option to make up for the inconvenience.

Normally, DHL Express to Australia is $18 NZD (~$16.75 AUD) which is exactly what DHL charges us (we don't apply any markups to our shipping rates.) For Queensland customers, we're lowering the price to $12 NZD (~$11 AUD) and we're going to cover the shortfall out of our own pocket.

We hope you understand why this change is being made, and we hope that this is a wake-up call for every single vaper in Australia.

Whether you're in Queensland or some other part of Australia you have an obligation to stand up to prohibitionist governments that are actively trying to suppress your right to vape.

If you don't, nobody else will do it for you.


What's changing?
Due to reported problems with customs clearance, free standard shipping is no longer available to customers in Queensland.

Can I still order from you if I live in Queensland?
Absolutely, the only difference is that the only shipping method available for Queensland shipping addresses is DHL Express, which is an extremely fast, 2 to 3 business day service.

Do I have to pay for DHL Express?
Yes, but we've subsidised the price down to $12 NZD (about $11 AUD) for Queensland customers.

What happens if customs confiscates my parcel?
Vapoureyes NZ will reship or refund your order immediately, no questions asked. 

What can I do about this bullshit?
Write to or call your MP. Join your local vape advocacy group. Stop letting prohibitionist governments get away with limiting your rights.