NZ Post tracking statuses explained


Standard Post tracking statuses explained

99% of packages will clear Australian customs in 24 hours but occasionally your package may take 2-5 days to clear a spot check. This is normal, and to date we have not had a single package rejected by Australian Customs.

Please note that Australia Post does not offer high resolution tracking on international parcels - sometimes several days can go by with no new tracking events, even though your parcel is travelling through multiple sorting facilities and depots. Australia Post does not scan the parcel each and every time it changes hands, so if your tracking status hasn't changed for a few days don't panic, nothing is wrong and your parcel will be delivered

Below is a table of various tracking statuses, and what those statuses actually mean.

Status Translation

Processed at outbound depot

NZ Post have received the parcel at their outbound sorting facility in Auckland and are getting ready to load it onto one of the various planes that fly to different parts of Australia.

International departure

Your parcel has been loaded onto an NZ Post plane and is bound for Australia.

In transit with airline

99% of the time, "in transit with airline" means that the parcel has actually arrived in Australia but it's waiting to go through a customs inspection. This process can sometimes take a few days if customs has a backlog of international parcels to inspect. It's not unusual to see this status for several days in a row. We have no way to influence customs or ask them to expedite their inspection.

International arrival

The parcel has been released by customs and is now with Australia Post. At this point, Australia Post will treat the parcel the same as a domestic parcel and it's up to them to deliver it to your house. We have no control whatsoever over this process; we are a New Zealand company, we have no relationship with Australia Post at all and we can't influence the delivery of your parcel in any way. This status may stay the same for several days while Australia Post routes the parcel through their network, it's not unusual at all for Australia Post to never scan the parcel again until it's actually delivered, so don't panic if you don't see any updates after this point. Your parcel is fine, it will be delivered.


Wondering where your package is?

When it comes to tracking your parcel, we can only see as much as you. If your parcel is in Australia (once scanned as International Arrival), please call Australia Post on 13 76 78 (13 POST) for updates.

There's no point contacting us about it, we can't see any more information than you can, and we have no way to contact Australia Post since we are a New Zealand company with no connection to Australia Post in any way, shape, or form.

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