Copy of COVID-19 and Vapoureyes NZ

  What this means for your vape-mail:  

  • Your order will take longer to ship.
    • We have introduced smaller, isolated packing teams working around the clock. This will ensure that we can continue dispatching your product while keeping our people safe. 
  • Your order may take slightly longer to be delivered.
    • We have received advice from both DHL and NZ Post that deliveries may have an additional 1-4 days added to their delivery time due to reduced global air freight capacities. These delays may become longer if freight infrastructure falls under additional load.
    • DHL tracking may show a status of “Access restricted by the Consignee or Regulatory body” - please don’t fret, this is a generic status which indicates that DHL are sanitising the outer packaging of all parcels entering the country.
  • You may receive a tracking number on a weekend.
    • As we have moved to a seven-day rotating roster for our isolated dispatch teams, you may receive a shipment notification on either a Saturday or Sunday.
    • This means that we have;
      • packed your order,
      • printed your shipping label,
      • automatically generating a tracking number,
      • sent you a shipment email.
    • This tracking number will not update until the next business day, when a courier will pickup and scan your parcel into the freight system.

Every single online business, vape-related or not, is under a tremendous amount of stress right now in part due to reduced, isolated dispatch teams, and enhanced cleaning procedures - not to mention the extraordinarily high traffic caused by the closure of brick-and-mortar stores.

Every single freight company, regardless of country of origin, is similarly experiencing levels of disruption to their operations in one form or another.

We have spent countless hours preparing for this pandemic and have contingencies for every possible way that it could affect our operations - and we are confident that we will be able to serve you continually through this crisis while maintaining a safe working environment for our staff.

All we need in return is a little bit of patience as we roll with the punches.

In short:You willget your parcel, it will just take longer than usual.

Finally, if you have a spare two minutes and feel like writing our team a joke, poem, or any other forms of encouragement, please don't hesitate to click the link below and send us a little note to brighten up our collective days.

We're all human, all going through some of the toughest times of our lives, and every kind word is shared with, and extremelyappreciated by the entire team.

Click here to contact us.

In the meantime, please stay safe and most importantly stay home. 

We're all in this together and we'll sure as hell get through it together.

Your friends,

Mo, and the entire Vapoureyes family.

   The short version:   
  • Mail will be delayed, but is very unlikely to stop.
  • Delivery drivers will opt for contactless signature.
  • Locally-made e-liquids and nicotine will remain fully stocked. 
  • Imported e-liquids may run short due to production shutdowns in the USA.
  • Hardware will remain stocked.
  • Now is not the time to panic buy!  
We have enough local stock on hand to keep everyone fully supplied for many, many months, even if we completely stopped ordering new stock today, and there's absolutely zero chance of us running out of juice and nicotine.
I promise you that if the situation changes and shortages become likely I'll be honest and up front with you about it, but vaper-geddosimply isn't on the horizon at the moment and there's no indication whatsoever that we'll face shortages.

We have more than we need, more than enough to go around, more on the way, and a plan for every. single. contingency. Seriously. Like, multiple pin-boards full.

 How deliveries will work   

✈️️ For our Australian family 

Australia Post

To minimise the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus, all parcels — whether collected from your local post office or delivered to your home — Australia Post will no longer require your direct signature for delivery or collection. Instead, an Australia Post staff member will ask for your name and sign on your behalf.

DHL Express

Your local DHL delivery driver will ask for your identification, then sign on your behalf. To avoid theft or other delivery issues, DHL records the geo-location of their drivers at the time of signature. If you are really trying to avoid all life-forms outside of your living room, you should also consider taking advantage of DHL's "On Demand Delivery", which allows DHL to deliver signature-required parcels safely, without a signature. Neat.

🚚 For our Kiwi whānau

Courier Post
NZ Post has advised that due to COVID restrictions, deliveries within New Zealand may be delayed.
We've received multiple emails from people asking why their vape-mail didn't arrive overnight - Again, please remember, we're in a global crisis. Please be patient, the postal service is working overtime. 

NZ Post couriers (including CourierPost and Pace) will knock on the door as usual and step back two metres (or as far back as they can.) They will wait for someone to come to the door and greet them as usual. They will then ask for the recipient’s name (to record proof of delivery) and leave the parcel on the doorstep. The person receiving the parcel will not sign for the delivery directly.

If no one comes to the door and there is no Parcel Leave authority in place, the courier will follow the standard process which is to leave a calling card with details of the delivery, and return the parcel to depot for later collection.

We highly recommend setting up "Parcel Leave" to minimise contact between you and postal workers wherever possible.
   How we're keeping our people safe   

In February we stopped all company travel for trade shows and meetings with our overseas partners in China, Europe, and the USA. Instead, we invested in some really nice Logitech webcams. Our accountants sighed with relief. Anthony deleted Duolingo from his phone.

Across all of our international operations we have implemented segmented shifts, comprehensive hygiene practises, and a revised working schedule to keep our people separated into firewalled work teams which will reduce the chance of any of our warehouses going offline completely.

Our hands have never been cleaner, our warehouse intake never busier (sorry, John), and instead of high-fiving we've implemented a revolutionary new "foot-tap high five" which has only resulted in three faceplants so far. We're working on it.

By keeping our people safe, we're keeping you safe too. You can feel confident that the person handling your order has been fully trained in proper hygiene practices and has your safety at the top of their mind.

   What you can do   

Be prepared, but please don't panic!  There's no need whatsoever to stock up more than you normally do, there is no current threat to our ability to ship orders or your ability to receive them. We have enough stock in reserve to maintain an uninterrupted supply of staples like juice, nicotine, and coils for up to a year, even if we don't receive any further stock shipments from our suppliers. We produce a vast quantity of juice in our production facilities in Australia and New Zealand, and we have enough concentrate stock to ensure that nobody will run dry.
 Everything is going to be fine   

I know it feels like the world has gone a bit crazy, and that everything is falling apart. You might be feeling a lot of stress about the safety of your job or your friends and family, and that's normal. These are unusual times and it's perfectly fine to let yourself feel the way you feel. 

But throughout it all, remember that things will get better. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. We're all in this together, you are not alone, and if we offer each other the love, comfort, and support that we're all capable of giving, then we'll get through this and come out the other side even better and stronger as a society than we were before. 

Every single person here at Vapoureyes is incredibly proud to be even the smallest part of your vaping journey, and we'll continue working hard to ensure that you have everything you need to maintain your smoke-free lifestyle.

So, keep your chin up, keep love in your heart, and keep your warm comments and order note jokes coming — we really love reading them.

Vapoureyes NZ proudly supports Nourished For Nil, a local non-profit organisation whose sole aim it is to rescue surplus food and redistribute it to the local Hawke’s Bay community.

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