Botany Bay Bottling Co Salts - Tobacco Cream

Previously known as Robert Lindsay.
Why the name change?

Tobacco Cream is our take on an offensively under-rated profile: The Tobacco Custard.

Expect a reasonably potent blend of vanilla creams with a few subtle rum notes and a blend of smokey sweet tobacco aromas.

It has been successfully paired with High cocoa content chocolates, Whiskeys and Dark beers (the darker the better).

Now if you are turning your nose up at the idea of a tobacco, I want you to remember that this isn't a "cigarette" flavour...

Imagine for a second how a really nice cigar smells before you light it... Or how that freshly opened pouch of shredded tobaccos used to hit your nose. That's what we are working with here and it gets along flawlessly with vanilla profiles.

VG Ratio 50% (what's this?)
Inhale custard mouth-feel
Exhale cigar smokiness, cocoa
Pairings coffee
Steep Time 7 days (what's this?)
Contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavours, and nicotine. Product is ready to vape, does not require any additional PG, VG, or nicotine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

tough on coils, big on flavor, however most big flavors are ?? recommend

Pod Killer

The taste is good, but this juice destroys pods in a couple of days! I’ve tried it with several pods and always have to change it in a few days as I get a burning taste meaning the pod is gone. My pods have never gone bad so early in any other juice. Imo just stick VE premium salts, they’re good with Caliburn A2 pods and taste amazing. My favourite is Caramelised Tobacco.

My morning vape with coffee

This is hands down one of my favourites of all time. I use it with a Caliburn G2. Beautiful flavour and pairs perfect with my coffee. There's definitely a cognac/vanilla/smooth taste to this one. (The trick to the G2 is to fill while the pod is in the housing. Filling it outside and then putting it in is what causes the leaks. I learnt this the hard way).

Botany bay salts

Honestly the best tabacco flavour there is, don't kno whats up with these 2 star ratings. Really top quality product. Used in my Caliburn g its great πŸ‘

Super sweet and leaks everywhere

This juice leaks everywhere and will cause spitting in your vape. Does also have a bad throat hit that will make your throat sore the next day. Flavours is OK but way too sweet

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